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Estepona Tapas Tours

Phone/WhatsApp 0034 711 020 874

Looking for a fun night out with that includes great food, drink and live entertainment?

Estepona Old Town is magical in the evening and we  explore some of the pretty flower filled streets as we walk from venue to venue. 


This tour includes a number of exciting new eateries. so returning customers, as well as those who  have not been on one of our tours before, can be assured of a fantastic night out. 


7:00pm –  10:00pm

Available other days and lunchtimes without live entertainment for a minumum of 6 people.

Live entertainment is not available out of season.

Don't stress about creating the

perfect celebration.  We take care of everything for youand our 5 Star Reviews assure you of a fantastic night out!


A tapas tour is the perfect way to celebrate.

It allows everyone to mix and mingle all evening,

as opposed to people being stuck in the

same place at a restaurant table.

Our Celebration Tapas Tours inlude a:

Gift for the celebrant(s)

Cake for everyone

Balloons and party poppers

Sparkling food for the celebrant (s)

Happy Birthday song

Available evenings and lunchtimes with or without live entertainment for a minumum of 6 people.


Fun and exciting – a truly authentic experience!

Tantalise your tastebuds with our

'off the beaten track' Mystery Tapas Tour. 

We take you to the hidden restaurants and tapas

bars outside the old town. Here you will eat like the locals with the locals. 

Find some fabulous new places to go, away from the typical old town tourist haunts. 


8pm to 11pm

Please be prepared for a late finish!

Phone to book this tour for a private group of 6 or more any day and time. 

This tour returns every
Friday in spring 2023

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