Sea and Waves Tour

For lovers of quality Spanish wine, cheese and charcuterie

Saturdays, 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Sea and Waves Tour
Called the Garden of the Costa del Sol, Estepona is a delight for the senses. Wine and food lovers can indulge in an extra special walk around the old town, stopping off for wine tasting at 4 interesting venues. You will be give an introduction to each wine, where it is from and what it goes best with. To compliment the wines you will sample some delicious traditional meats, cheeses and pate. This is a tour for adults only and provides a great opportunity to socialise and have fun. * Join us at the meeting point * Get recommendations while we walk on where to eat and drink, places to go and things to see * Gain access to our 'welcome drink' offers at local restaurants * 'What's on in Estepona' listing * 5 glasses of quality Spanish wine * Sharing plates of delicious cheese, meat and paté * Coffee and a sweet truffle * Vote for the best wine, the best food and overall venue * Discounts for group bookings * Friendly small groups * 8pm to 11pm Saturdays


Adult (18+):

1 adult, €45.00 /ea
2-3 adults, €43.00 /ea
4-6 adults, €41.00 /ea

Youth (10–17):

1 youth, €35.00 /ea
2-4 youth, €30.00 /ea

Child (5–9):

1 child, €22.00 /ea
2-4 children, €20.00 /ea

Infants (under 5):