Our Story

Estepona is such a beautiful town! I loved showing my friends around when I first moved here. As a confirmed foodie, I'd take them to some wonderful Spanish resturants where we would enjoy delicious food and wine.

My house Casa Florestos has a very pretty terrace at the front. People stop to take photographs outside and usually look very lost. This gave me the idea for Touvenir, which started out in spring 2021 as a walking tours business.

My family had a history in catering and hospitality. I owned and ran food business for many years including a restaurant, cafe and an outside catering company. I've also worked with some of the biggest food and drink companies in the world including Nestle, Pepsico, Arla and Associated British Foods. So, given my passion for food, I soon combined it with walking tours and kicked off the first regular tapas tour in Estepona. 

Touvenir was founded on the belief that travel only broadens the mind if provides an understanding of the culture of the places you visit.  Visit the sights and see the outside, but to get a real feel for the place you need to know about family life, customs and the vaguaries of language. In order to really understand other cultures, you need to sample lots of local food and drink and visit places where only the locals go. 

Touvenir Estepona now has a strong team with many year experience of business managament and activity creation. It will continue to grow and will also beeomc a testing ground for new products and services.

Estepona is our Head Office and our central support team provides IT, adminstation and training for new experience hosts. Touvenir has recently expended operations to Gibraltar with Brighton and London following soon. 

In 2023 our Head Office team will expand to support entrepreneurs who would like to run their own Touvenir business under licence in their part of the world. 

Featured on "A New Life in the Sun"
UK Channel 4
Series 7, episodes 13 - 15


Follow Louisa’s new adventure on “A New Life in the Sun.”

The frustrations and elations are all laid bare as Louisa tells her story about the challenges she faces turning a beautiful traditional old townhouse into holiday apartments in the beautiful old town of Estepona. Watch Louisa launch Touvenir, her walking tours business, town walking tours including tapas and wine!

It’s rarely plain sailing when opening a new business, and double the trouble with two. There’s plenty of fun times as well as exasperating ones on Louisa’s New Life in the Sun.

Channel 4 has filmed an update to include the finished version of Casa Florestos to be broadcast in spring 2023. Find out why Louisa never opened her home to paying guests. Will Touvenir be successful in Gibraltar and the UK? 

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What's It Like Living in Estepona?

Louisa was recently interviewed by Mapping Spain about her move to Estepona.