Featured on "A New Life in the Sun"

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UK Channel 4

Series 7, episodes 13 - 15


Follow Louisa’s new adventure on “A New Life in the Sun.”

The frustrations and elations are all laid bare as Louisa tells her story about the challenges she faces turning a beautiful traditional old townhouse into three stunning boutique holiday apartments in the beautiful old town of Estepona. And apart from Casa Florestos, watch Louisa launch Touvenir, her walking tours business, with sightseeing, tapas and wine trips!

It’s rarely plain sailing when opening a new business, and double the trouble with two. There’s plenty of fun times as well as exasperating ones on Louisa’s New Life in the Sun.

Take a peek at final outcome at www.casaflorestos.com and www.touvenir.com

What's It Like Living in Estepona?

Louisa was recently interviewed by Mapping Spain about her move to Estepona.

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